Sunday, December 18, 2005

okay so the last update i made was when i turned 21 and that was august.. now its nearly the new year so here it goes.. a quick recap well september 17th got married

a picture with my new family..

we did a little decorating for the holidays..

the lights on the patio took forever! my hands were completely black from the bars..

the cats love each other .. especially when there is a heating blanket involved

the BEP xmas party was insane...

drunk me.. haha

all in all things have been pretty great. working , seein movies and living. i leave you with a picture from like last december at work..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

someone turned twenty one..

and that person was me!
today i turned 21 so last night at midnight we all headed downtown to get my first legal drink and see what this sixth street was all about when you are 21 one.
first club we walked into was treasure island, the guy at the door high fives me and grenita orders me a vodka cherry sour. yum.
then we left because it was boring and went to spill where it was loud and hot. took some shots, drank a few malibu/sprite/grenadine's which i still dont know the name of and then tried to go to lovejoys for the birthday cake shot the door was locked and then all the others closed and we sat on the curb and waited for grenita to get out of spill. we saw leslie and a bunch of other crazy people.
it was fun.

today alot of us met at La Feria and ate food and drank margaritas. it was awesome. me nor grentia were carded but martin and heater were haha..

now here in a bit we are going to go to emos to see jim of the get up kid's new band, should be fun!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

okay so sadie is satan, i type that as she is stunnded by the cursor and kicks my phone off the desk.
i finished harry potter last thursday, can we say HOLY SHIT! im such a dork too i was explaining all about hogwarts and career choices after hogwarts to a fellow employee at work. it was great.
we should be packing for our weekend trip , but we are both playing. i am online and kelly is playing a video game.
this weekend is a big wedding filled few days. bridal shower is saturday. thursday me and kellys mom are doing invitation stuff along with a zillion other things. personalized napkins and a bunch of other stuff. addressing invites and everything. oh dear. oh wine picking out? who knows.. ill take alot of pictures tho. getting hitched is due for a huge update.
also thursday is an astros game. vs the mets. mandys husband james is going to meet us there along with mary katherine and martin going also. should be fun. BOO BELTRAN> we even bought shirts from this guy online. haha. we are nerds! ill definately take a few pictures there too. especially of me and kelly together.

im so glad i finally have money to pay for this weddding, i was panicking for a while there. i mean come on! two months til , less than two months now. i took off all of my wedding communities off of livejournal. seriously, i couldnt even hear the word wedding without breaking out into sweats and the leg-shakings.
okay sadie is blocking the screen so i guess shes trying to tell me to get stuff together

ill make a big post when we get back..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Children's Art

Children's Art
Originally uploaded by firepile.
i saw this on flickr. how awesome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

someone super important is turning 21 here pretty soon.. ME! 26 days i think it was.
boo yeah. its funny but sad because i was always the youngin and now i have a few youngin friends, but ive been waiting 21 years for this so no one under 21 is allowed and im only going to 21 and up places. haha. i deserve it. i know i wouldnt want to go out with a bunch of 21 and uppers and make them go to a 18 and up club. LAME>> especially on someones birthday

anyhoo tonight was alkaline trio. i had a blast and im all sweaty , so im going to take a shower now



Originally uploaded by algebraashley.
what a babe!! i cant help but love her. shes so freaking cute!

even tho she is a hoebag sometimes and just chews on us for no reason.

Friday, July 08, 2005

new phone

the in-laws are coming today. soooo hopefully we can get new phones! i reallly have my eye on this one.. the LG L1400i

Includes Yahoo IM
Mobile Instant Messaging using AOL® Instant MessengerTM
Downloadable ringtones, including Polyphonic and Super Tones
Downloadable games and graphics
FastForward capable*
Customizable wallpapers and color schemes
Photo Caller ID
255 alphanumeric phone book entries
Personal organizer: Calendar, calculator, alarm clock, and voice recorder
Voice activated dialing
Data Connect capable*
Text messaging capable
TTY compatible


so scouts been pretty lonely lately when we leave for work and such. so we decided to get her a friend, a 6 week old kitten we for now are naming sadie.
at first they just stared and sniffed at each other but now they are kind of starring and swatting. scout hissed a few times, im trying not to pay more attention to the newbie .
i dunno, we are going to see how this goes.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

harry potter and the order of the phoenix

i always need a deadline to finish things.. guess who finished the order of the phoenix and it only took me almost a year! go figure.. haha .. but im excited about book six now.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

wish list

here is a wish list.. i was on and fell inlove with this necklace..

oh and this bag!

and this one too..

Friday, July 01, 2005

sitting on the floor..

weee neeeed furniture! we want this stuff but in different colors of course.. i just need money!

either this chair that doesnt swivel.. or

this one with the swivel

this storage-y coffee table. i need to see it in person tho...

and maybe this dining table.. different chairs tho..

Saturday, June 18, 2005

moving day

so the day started off with us being super tired and super cranky.
uhaul people are dumb. they measure the truck stupidly. the 14 footer is not 14 feet long.. its like 10 plus 4 of "moms attic" as they call it. AND they give us pieces of crap called trucks that break down after we load up the first load ..good thing we were already at the new apartment and it was unloaded.
but after all of that drama... we moved in and are EXHAUSTED.

we had the cable guy come friday so we were all set up with dvr and road runner. i didnt even have to go but a few hours without my many addictions.
we are very happy with the apartment. the room is huge. the living room is huge. the pantry is like a second bedroom. everything is good.

on a different note, i hate it when people say "muh-tour" instead of "muh-chure" for the word mature. sorry dr. huxtible said it on the cosby show.

alrighty. well we are tired and i have to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

so joes blinds are too short and scout still wants to sit in the window . so this is what happens... she crams herself inbetween the window sill and the blinds . it was so funny.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

thats the floorplan to our new apartment.
our first one bedroom!

so this weekend is the official pack-everything-in-the-house-because-we-are-moving-in-a-week weekend. seriously, we dont have anything packed.

ive been listening to alot of my yahoo! launchcast radio. its good stuff, it knows me so well. my good friend, launchcast

alright may the packing begin!.. well after lunch of course..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

whats been up

Well! last night we went to stubbs to see rainer maria open for copeland. we left after rainer maria. they played i think 6 songs and half were new ones. but the new ones were awesome. SO! im pretty excited about the new album coming out in the fall.

of montreal is aparantly playing friday at the parish. i havent listened to them enough to really want to go. that always happens, i start listening to a band and then they are in town 4 days later.

we are moving june 17th. to our own place, no more roommates. its going to be weird. and poor for the first few weeks because we wont be used to paying full rent and bills. back off of south first. hoo haa.

i had a dream last night about the wedding.

well i guess i should get ready for work.


Friday, June 03, 2005

they had style they had grace

i want to go sing karaoke. but terrible drunken karaoke not sober american idol singing.

we are moving in about 2 weeks. im excited yet nervous, its going to be alot more money in rent than we are used to. atleast 150 bucks, thats a change.

we saw a sneak preview to lords of dogtown last night, it was pretty cool. they gave out lords of dogtown shirts.

um..ive been really sleepy lately.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Putt putt

we wanted to see a sneak preview of crash tonight but by the time we showed up it was all full so! in a quest for fun we decided to go play some putt putt, i wish i brought my camera. it was fun. i was like at a par 150. im the best. kelly won by one point against joseph. I GOT 1 HOLE IN ONE! im the best.

i love smores pop tarts. i have for years, they are my absolute favorite. the marshmellowy goodness with the ooozy chocolate and the chocolate flavored icing on top. THE SHIT.

my momma is back from tahoe. she brought me a rock. and she saw her boyfriend sammy hagar twice! i wish i was in houston sometimes, because i miss her. i mean its awful because i was mad at her when i left houston back in 02. we were fighting all the time and hardly ever got along. i was still young and immature and trying to grow up too fast and she was just trying to be a mom and i didnt see that then. but i see it now. she was always doing the right thing and i love her for that.

ow. my fingers hurt. carpel tunnel i think.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

this past weekend

this past weekend i started using proactiv. i know i only have a minor amount of acne but i want it to clear up, epecially for the wedding.

i have a job interview tomorrow morning with velocity credit union. i am excited, if i get this i will leave my dead end job & not waitress anymore. i mean ive been there for 3 years , doing the same thing over and over and over again, im done fake smiling just so i can get an extra tip, people suck.
we randomly bought a vaccum yesterday, joes sucked, well actually it didnt suck it just made noises.
im obsessed with commas. i use them all the time and most of the time when they aren't needed, but when they are needed i forget them , haha.

we cleaned the crap out of the apartment sunday. kitchen, bathroom , living room and wet swiffered the floor. yea. beat that!

whats a good scrapbooking website? where you can buy scrapbooking supplies and see awesome layouts?

hmm.. alright i guess ill start my routine for getting ready for work

Friday, April 22, 2005

Last night i saw the Ring two, i must say it was funnier than napolean dynamite. The deer scene was one of my favorites..."DONT STOP, YOU CANT STOP" as "Rachel" is stopped and letting the deer ram their horns into the car because it just so happens that her foot is stuck underneath the pedal. THEN! oh man THEN! near the end rachel is stuck in the well (AGAIN!) and the little ring bitch starts climbing up the sides but not a normal rock climbing climb. a "i-can-put-my-feet-above-my-head-and-crawl-up-the-wall-like-a-flippin'-monkey-on-crack" climb. it was HILARIOUS!. Then as rachel gets to the top of the well and begins to close it she hears samara (that ring bitch) scream MOMMY! and rachel says "IM NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!" me and my friend joseph were rolling around in the theatre.

if you want a scary movie see Excorcist, but if you want to see the funniest movie in 2005! see The Ring Two.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A year ago today we got this wonderful kitten, we walked into that apartment and saw her with milk on her chin and she climbed up my shoulder. i knew she was the one we were going to get, all of her brothers and sisters were adorable as well but we wanted scout.

im glad we picked you scout. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

i hate being sick

So on the drive home from houston i was starting to feel sick. swollen glands ... dizzy. and monday during work i thought i was going to die. so i go home earlier and slept and slept and slept. tuesday morning, which is today, i call the doctor and call in sick. she says its just a tonsil infection, she didnt even swab my throat. weird. im feeling semi better. i actually watched 2 hours of ED and didnt fall asleep. go me.
OH! another funny story, sunday night after we arrived we were tired and hungry and i was sick and scout was MAD at us . i couldnt find her anywhere, i looked under the beds, couches everything! and we were in and out of the apartment so much when we got home that i thought maybe she got out. so we are searching around the apartment complex for a whole hour until kelly runs in real quick and sees scout just sitting there like, what are ya'll doing? but the thing is she wouldnt come out from under the bed for anything, not her food, her toys or her treats. so its pretty reasonable why i would think she wasnt even in the aparmtnet. i was so mad yet glad that she was okay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

im a geek

so i was looking for the artist that sings that song "in the summertime when the weather is fine.." and i stumbled upon this...


i know what im doing my next night home alone. blasting some MIDI karaoke all alone. haha..

betty lou has such favorites as the final countdown, knockin on heavens door, and red red wine.

Monday, April 11, 2005

i love airports

so we picked up joseph and grenita from the airport. im so glad that they are back. this vacation didnt seem as long as the last one. they brought me back 3 floaty pens and a big pencil. how cool!

work has been okay lately.
our garbage disposal here at the apartment was finally fixed and guess how long it actually took to fix....

3 whole minutes! he knocked at the door at 9:49am and left by 9:51am !!!
how absurd!

now that i have a clean kitchen i want to bake :)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

lets go astros!

so we just got back from a quick day trip to houston.
we went to an astros game. astros vs. the reds. the astros won 4-3.

it was awesome!!
we had so much fun..

well off to bed


Sunday, April 03, 2005

sin city

we saw sin city last night

it was soooo awesome. elijah wood was my favorite. he was so weird.

Friday, April 01, 2005

i bought this necklace from its by jewlery by jessica, its so cute i could die!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

ahh back home .. and exhausted!
i never knew wedding planning could give someone such a headache!
see my other blog gettin' hitched for more info..

we didnt get to watch arrested development because of the dvr being full! darnit!

alright welll.. goodnight

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Jake in Progress starts tonight. im so there. i love john stamos. look how hot he is!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Okay, so ive always known that i was going to marry kelly. me and kelly even talked about getting engaged by this september and then getting married in september of 06.
but! we started talking about getting married sooner, like this september..
so.. well.. last night he gave me this...

i would post a real picture but XP wont let me load my camera stuff..

i knew a proposal was comingm, we went and had my finger sized. but its still exciting we are telling his parents over the phone because his dad wont be there on friday when we go to town and then my parents when we do go to town.

its weird to say things like future husband, fiance and engaged.. haha..

Thursday, March 10, 2005


i have a secret!
but i cant tell just yet...

Friday, March 04, 2005

Kelly rented the prestreet of The Incredibles OMG> best animated move ever. i think i like it more than finding nemo. wow.

my stomach hurts. i ate chicken. ow.

i got my nails did.

SCOUT LIKES HER BED! i haven not witnessed it yet , but when joe was home alone she was sleeping in it and she was in it when he got home. and kelly took a picture of her in it. so she DOES like her birthday present

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday Scout! :)

Monday, February 28, 2005

probably the most boring post in the world

today i went to the fitness center and did 2 miles on the bike and 1 mile running/walking and about 30 reps of the leg curl thing and 30 reps of the pull down the bar thing haha.. i have no clue what that certain weight lifting thing is. i had to urge to work out since i recieved my IPOD arm band thingie in the mail saturday, but i didnt check the mail until sunday. so there i was on the treadmill loosing blood in my right arm because i put the band on too tight .. haha .. i wish there was a camera following me all the time to witness the true brilliance that is ashley.

anyways! i had a salad for linner. because well it was too late to be lunch but too early for dinner and since my schedule doesnt allow me to have lunch i shall call it LINNER. so well you know how it feels after you work out, sweaty , sort of sea leg like and then it hits you. HUNGER. so i ate a banana

blood.. gore... and cupcakes

i am gimpy. i cut 3 of my fingers on my right hand. see what had happened was after the oscars i got excited because million dollar baby won best picture and started making cupcakes, i open up the container of frosting and i guess the foil was sharp because it cut my pointer, middle and ring fingers, kind of like a paper cut... it hurts so bad. my hands look like kevin spacey in se7en when he cut off his finger tips to hide his prints.

i love the way your teeth feel after a good brushing. mmm.. i should become a dentist.

bedtime for bonzo..


Sunday, February 27, 2005

it was a yucky rainy day so we decided to go and pick up kellys car from the shop and see The Aviator.
i thought it was good. leonardo dicaprio is such a good actor. and hooottttttt.

then we went grocery shopping and came home where i watched the totally lame horror movie THEY. wow.. what complete crap!

today we are going to pick up passes to see the jacket and then probably haha go watch hotel rwanda AND THEN THE OSCARS!


Friday, February 25, 2005

today was overall pretty average.. EXCEPT !!! the frickin' awesome fajitas i had today after work at La Feria. our waiter was this guy who looked like Eddie Izzard but talked with an incredibly hot accent. kinda south american kind of spaniard.

we had to trade scouts toy out with a new one because she was sucking on it too much. gross i know, but shes a weird cat what can i say, therefor at the moment shes banging against the bathtub trying to get a hold of her new mouse toy. this one is leopard print, so she must be having a frickin' blast.

OH yea! and i watched My Best Friends Wedding for the first time ever tonight. im a sap when it comes to Romantic Comedies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i bought a charm bracelet today from james avery ive always wanted a charm bracelet. i also got a charm of an angel to symbolize my grandma juju.
im going to add my tricertops and dachshund charms soon too.
mmm charms.

here are some im going to be wanting sooon..

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

after work me, joseph and g went and ate and vented about work at El Mercado . A change of pace from the regular old La Feria.
then me and kelly went and saw million dollar baby. wow. it was awesome! i freaking love hilary swank.

Monday, February 21, 2005

cake decorating

i was watching the food network and there was a contest for best birthday cake.
i got the urge to make cupcakes and then kelly mentioned why dont i start decorating cakes.
i mean.. i do know how to use the bags and pipers and can actually legitimating write on a cake. AND i absolutly love making cakes and cupcakes and brownies and all sorts of treats
soo!!! im going to look into cake decorating!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's been either raining or drizzling outside since i woke up, gross.

me and joe cleaned the living room and kitchen, we still arent done yet but its looking an awful lot better.
the dishes were begining to get really bad.

last night, me and g went to eat at magnolia with kristen and her mom. it was awesome, we were going to play uno but we were talking too much :)
it was fun though. kristens mom is awesome.

im on a mission to find the perfect ipod cozie, but so far no luck. i guess i will have to make my own.
so far i like brown bear from Chuckels Central, the tropical robot at Catherine's Pita Shop, and either the steve zissou or birdy ones over at Charcoal Designs if only they werent for Mini's only.

Friday, February 18, 2005


why do i have such a stomach ache!!! WHYYYYY

Thursday, February 17, 2005

good old thursday

i freaking love vinny's, this little italian place off barton springs.. yummmm
me, joseph, kelly and grenita ate there today after work mmmm... im still full.

i watched galaxy quest for the first time tonight, haha, it was actually pretty funny.

we bought way too many DVDs yesterday.. like 100+ bucks worth. oops.

so me and kelly have decided , even tho financially it would be smart to live with a roommate one more year. we want to live on our own starting in June.
im sick of roommates and we have been together long enough to wear its ridiculous to have a roommate again.
we are thinking either Pinto Creek, Blunn Creek or Barton's lodge if the prices are good around the times we want.. they all have either washer/dryer connections or come with an actual washer/dryer. we neeeeed furniture. we dont have anything. nothing at all. we need a couch, some sort of chair , a coffee table, folding table and chairs for the dining table/ sewing table, LAMPS

okay so we are planning to be married in september of 2006 and i just want to say screw it and elope but then another part of me says .. nooo i shouldnt do that..


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

valentines day + more

valentines day was nice.
i got a rainer maria/mates of states poster from ebay.. a rainer maria record, and about 20 gerbera daisies :) orange and pink!! kelly made me dinner , it was going to be chicken parmesan but i forgot to take the chicken out so he made tacos instead.
the day after valentines day was nice too. i got to work and grenita wasnt there because she requested it off but not but a few minutes later the fedex girl was knocking and she had flowers FOR ME! grenita ordered them for me. it was awesome.
then me, kristen and her went and saw Hitch. which was cute and then ate at magnolia cafe.
all in all it was a good few days.
today i made dinner and watched some music videos.
i think we are going to go someplaces tonight tho, im not sure

lauren's passion party is tonight, but im not sure if i'll go.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

ipod !!

today we went and bought the update to windows to make it xp so we could get an....

he's so cute.
im going to have to attempt to knit a cozie for him so i wont drop him.
im uploading songs onto him as we speak.

also me, joseph and grenita went to the austin zoo. which isnt like normal zoo's all it has are animals that people tried to keep as pets that shouldnt be pets and animals that were tested on in labs

okay.. goodnight

hardest weekend ever

i havent cried this much in a long time.
the funeral was on saturday..we drove in on thursday.
it was good seeing my parents and family.
grandma margaret ended up showing up, which is good.

the funeral was beautiful.
the funeral home said it was the most people to show up to a funeral in the history of them being opened.
she had alot of friends.

its good to be home
we are just going to relax today.
we didnt go to mates of state last night, we were too tired..


Thursday, February 10, 2005

TAXES and hemming

i did mine and kelly's taxes tonight..
i so wear the pants in this family

im getting 606 and hes getting 634. he beat me!

i hemmed my new khakis..a littleeee too short. oh well.. no one will notice..
and when it gets warmer outside i can hem them more and turn them into capris.. haha..

okay well.. i need some sleep tomorrow and friday will be rough..


bye grandma

grandma juju died today.
momma called and told me..
the funeral is friday
me and kelly are leaving austin tomorrow after work and heading to corpus..

this sucks.. i cant believe it

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

oh yea

someone buy me this..

to top it all off

to top off a terrible day, scout decided to go on an adventure around 1 am..
joe was doing laundry and i guess left the door open as he did so and scout took off..
i didnt notice until 2 am that she wasnt around so i started looking around outside.. barefoot... in the cold.
we searched around the complex in areas we think she would go..
ask joe walked past the dumpster he saw her on the other side of the fence.. she must have gone underneath the fence..
we coaxed her back under the fence and then she started hiding under cars. kelly came around with her bucket of food and snatched her up
of course she screamed haha.. and her paws were all dirty.

i didnt freak out and i didnt cry.. kelly was proud of me..
it just wasnt what i needed..

Monday, February 07, 2005

the phone call

my mom called me this morning .
yea sure, i know that doesnt sound strange but she never calls unless its important..
and well i listened to the message because i was at work.
all she says is "call me" in a upset sounding voice..
i knew it was grandma juju.. shes been in the hospital since october.

i couldnt stand it so i called her while i was working..
she says that grandma juju is getting worse and that she will probably pass in the next few days.
and dad is already there in corpus christi
first instinct is i need to get to corpus to see her one last time..
so i planned on heading out tonight but.. i call dad after work and he says the she cant even talk and cant even comprehend what anyone tells her, that shes all doped up on pain killers so when she does pass she wont feel a thing. the doctors at the hospice were shocked that she even made it thru last night.

what sucks the most is that she's not old enough.. she was having problems with her colon..
and a surgery wont even help her at this point.
we just started talking more and mailing cards back and forth learning more and more about each other .. this was right before she started getting sick in october..
i cant help to think what my dad feels like.. loosing his mother..
she never got to have any great grandchildren..
let alone see me get married..
me and my brother were her only grandchildren

so in the next few days im going to have to take a trip to corpus christi for the funeral..


Saturday, February 05, 2005

oh man...

so today we decided to retry our little adventure to san antonio since last week it got interrupted by a severe lane closure which left us in traffic for an hour and only 5 minutes out of austin...
this time the trip went pretty well and it only sprinkled for a little while
we could only find one out of the 3 record stores.
we went to hogwild and found absolutely nothing..

then after all of that we went to mandy's apartment and watched shaun of the dead and played with her doggie bowen.
as the hair stylist that she is she put highlights in my hair.. copper and blonde. they are different but i think i like them..

we stopped at a best buy and kelly got transformers the movie...

the new Real Simple is out.. i need to get a subcription already!!

well.. i need to make a grocery list for when we head out to the grocery store..


Friday, February 04, 2005

you yes you valentines

have you seen the new cards on for valentines day? they are even better than last years..

these are my favorites

Thursday, February 03, 2005

scout the cat

so for the past 3 days scout has left her favorite mouse toy in her food dish.. as if to remind herself where she left it for later playing. but when she eats she just eats around it and leaves it just sitting in her food

and she attempts to steal goldfish out of a closed box.. shes so cute..