Saturday, June 18, 2005

moving day

so the day started off with us being super tired and super cranky.
uhaul people are dumb. they measure the truck stupidly. the 14 footer is not 14 feet long.. its like 10 plus 4 of "moms attic" as they call it. AND they give us pieces of crap called trucks that break down after we load up the first load ..good thing we were already at the new apartment and it was unloaded.
but after all of that drama... we moved in and are EXHAUSTED.

we had the cable guy come friday so we were all set up with dvr and road runner. i didnt even have to go but a few hours without my many addictions.
we are very happy with the apartment. the room is huge. the living room is huge. the pantry is like a second bedroom. everything is good.

on a different note, i hate it when people say "muh-tour" instead of "muh-chure" for the word mature. sorry dr. huxtible said it on the cosby show.

alrighty. well we are tired and i have to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

so joes blinds are too short and scout still wants to sit in the window . so this is what happens... she crams herself inbetween the window sill and the blinds . it was so funny.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

thats the floorplan to our new apartment.
our first one bedroom!

so this weekend is the official pack-everything-in-the-house-because-we-are-moving-in-a-week weekend. seriously, we dont have anything packed.

ive been listening to alot of my yahoo! launchcast radio. its good stuff, it knows me so well. my good friend, launchcast

alright may the packing begin!.. well after lunch of course..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

whats been up

Well! last night we went to stubbs to see rainer maria open for copeland. we left after rainer maria. they played i think 6 songs and half were new ones. but the new ones were awesome. SO! im pretty excited about the new album coming out in the fall.

of montreal is aparantly playing friday at the parish. i havent listened to them enough to really want to go. that always happens, i start listening to a band and then they are in town 4 days later.

we are moving june 17th. to our own place, no more roommates. its going to be weird. and poor for the first few weeks because we wont be used to paying full rent and bills. back off of south first. hoo haa.

i had a dream last night about the wedding.

well i guess i should get ready for work.


Friday, June 03, 2005

they had style they had grace

i want to go sing karaoke. but terrible drunken karaoke not sober american idol singing.

we are moving in about 2 weeks. im excited yet nervous, its going to be alot more money in rent than we are used to. atleast 150 bucks, thats a change.

we saw a sneak preview to lords of dogtown last night, it was pretty cool. they gave out lords of dogtown shirts.

um..ive been really sleepy lately.