Sunday, August 07, 2005

someone turned twenty one..

and that person was me!
today i turned 21 so last night at midnight we all headed downtown to get my first legal drink and see what this sixth street was all about when you are 21 one.
first club we walked into was treasure island, the guy at the door high fives me and grenita orders me a vodka cherry sour. yum.
then we left because it was boring and went to spill where it was loud and hot. took some shots, drank a few malibu/sprite/grenadine's which i still dont know the name of and then tried to go to lovejoys for the birthday cake shot the door was locked and then all the others closed and we sat on the curb and waited for grenita to get out of spill. we saw leslie and a bunch of other crazy people.
it was fun.

today alot of us met at La Feria and ate food and drank margaritas. it was awesome. me nor grentia were carded but martin and heater were haha..

now here in a bit we are going to go to emos to see jim of the get up kid's new band, should be fun!