Tuesday, April 26, 2005

this past weekend

this past weekend i started using proactiv. i know i only have a minor amount of acne but i want it to clear up, epecially for the wedding.

i have a job interview tomorrow morning with velocity credit union. i am excited, if i get this i will leave my dead end job & not waitress anymore. i mean ive been there for 3 years , doing the same thing over and over and over again, im done fake smiling just so i can get an extra tip, people suck.
we randomly bought a vaccum yesterday, joes sucked, well actually it didnt suck it just made noises.
im obsessed with commas. i use them all the time and most of the time when they aren't needed, but when they are needed i forget them , haha.

we cleaned the crap out of the apartment sunday. kitchen, bathroom , living room and wet swiffered the floor. yea. beat that!

whats a good scrapbooking website? where you can buy scrapbooking supplies and see awesome layouts?

hmm.. alright i guess ill start my routine for getting ready for work

Friday, April 22, 2005

Last night i saw the Ring two, i must say it was funnier than napolean dynamite. The deer scene was one of my favorites..."DONT STOP, YOU CANT STOP" as "Rachel" is stopped and letting the deer ram their horns into the car because it just so happens that her foot is stuck underneath the pedal. THEN! oh man THEN! near the end rachel is stuck in the well (AGAIN!) and the little ring bitch starts climbing up the sides but not a normal rock climbing climb. a "i-can-put-my-feet-above-my-head-and-crawl-up-the-wall-like-a-flippin'-monkey-on-crack" climb. it was HILARIOUS!. Then as rachel gets to the top of the well and begins to close it she hears samara (that ring bitch) scream MOMMY! and rachel says "IM NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!" me and my friend joseph were rolling around in the theatre.

if you want a scary movie see Excorcist, but if you want to see the funniest movie in 2005! see The Ring Two.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A year ago today we got this wonderful kitten, we walked into that apartment and saw her with milk on her chin and she climbed up my shoulder. i knew she was the one we were going to get, all of her brothers and sisters were adorable as well but we wanted scout.

im glad we picked you scout. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

i hate being sick

So on the drive home from houston i was starting to feel sick. swollen glands ... dizzy. and monday during work i thought i was going to die. so i go home earlier and slept and slept and slept. tuesday morning, which is today, i call the doctor and call in sick. she says its just a tonsil infection, she didnt even swab my throat. weird. im feeling semi better. i actually watched 2 hours of ED and didnt fall asleep. go me.
OH! another funny story, sunday night after we arrived we were tired and hungry and i was sick and scout was MAD at us . i couldnt find her anywhere, i looked under the beds, couches everything! and we were in and out of the apartment so much when we got home that i thought maybe she got out. so we are searching around the apartment complex for a whole hour until kelly runs in real quick and sees scout just sitting there like, what are ya'll doing? but the thing is she wouldnt come out from under the bed for anything, not her food, her toys or her treats. so its pretty reasonable why i would think she wasnt even in the aparmtnet. i was so mad yet glad that she was okay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

im a geek

so i was looking for the artist that sings that song "in the summertime when the weather is fine.." and i stumbled upon this...


i know what im doing my next night home alone. blasting some MIDI karaoke all alone. haha..

betty lou has such favorites as the final countdown, knockin on heavens door, and red red wine.

Monday, April 11, 2005

i love airports

so we picked up joseph and grenita from the airport. im so glad that they are back. this vacation didnt seem as long as the last one. they brought me back 3 floaty pens and a big pencil. how cool!

work has been okay lately.
our garbage disposal here at the apartment was finally fixed and guess how long it actually took to fix....

3 whole minutes! he knocked at the door at 9:49am and left by 9:51am !!!
how absurd!

now that i have a clean kitchen i want to bake :)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

lets go astros!

so we just got back from a quick day trip to houston.
we went to an astros game. astros vs. the reds. the astros won 4-3.

it was awesome!!
we had so much fun..

well off to bed


Sunday, April 03, 2005

sin city

we saw sin city last night

it was soooo awesome. elijah wood was my favorite. he was so weird.

Friday, April 01, 2005

i bought this necklace from cutxpaste.com its by jewlery by jessica, its so cute i could die!