Tuesday, April 26, 2005

this past weekend

this past weekend i started using proactiv. i know i only have a minor amount of acne but i want it to clear up, epecially for the wedding.

i have a job interview tomorrow morning with velocity credit union. i am excited, if i get this i will leave my dead end job & not waitress anymore. i mean ive been there for 3 years , doing the same thing over and over and over again, im done fake smiling just so i can get an extra tip, people suck.
we randomly bought a vaccum yesterday, joes sucked, well actually it didnt suck it just made noises.
im obsessed with commas. i use them all the time and most of the time when they aren't needed, but when they are needed i forget them , haha.

we cleaned the crap out of the apartment sunday. kitchen, bathroom , living room and wet swiffered the floor. yea. beat that!

whats a good scrapbooking website? where you can buy scrapbooking supplies and see awesome layouts?

hmm.. alright i guess ill start my routine for getting ready for work


Kristy said...

I really like twopeasinabucket.com for just about all my scrapbooking needs :)

ashley said...

yea i stumbled across that one
but it seems that all the paper i liked they were out of stock!
how fustrating.