Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Putt putt

we wanted to see a sneak preview of crash tonight but by the time we showed up it was all full so! in a quest for fun we decided to go play some putt putt, i wish i brought my camera. it was fun. i was like at a par 150. im the best. kelly won by one point against joseph. I GOT 1 HOLE IN ONE! im the best.

i love smores pop tarts. i have for years, they are my absolute favorite. the marshmellowy goodness with the ooozy chocolate and the chocolate flavored icing on top. THE SHIT.

my momma is back from tahoe. she brought me a rock. and she saw her boyfriend sammy hagar twice! i wish i was in houston sometimes, because i miss her. i mean its awful because i was mad at her when i left houston back in 02. we were fighting all the time and hardly ever got along. i was still young and immature and trying to grow up too fast and she was just trying to be a mom and i didnt see that then. but i see it now. she was always doing the right thing and i love her for that.

ow. my fingers hurt. carpel tunnel i think.

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atlkmo said...

I still feel bad for how I was to my mom when I was younger...and I'm 30!