Friday, April 22, 2005

Last night i saw the Ring two, i must say it was funnier than napolean dynamite. The deer scene was one of my favorites..."DONT STOP, YOU CANT STOP" as "Rachel" is stopped and letting the deer ram their horns into the car because it just so happens that her foot is stuck underneath the pedal. THEN! oh man THEN! near the end rachel is stuck in the well (AGAIN!) and the little ring bitch starts climbing up the sides but not a normal rock climbing climb. a "i-can-put-my-feet-above-my-head-and-crawl-up-the-wall-like-a-flippin'-monkey-on-crack" climb. it was HILARIOUS!. Then as rachel gets to the top of the well and begins to close it she hears samara (that ring bitch) scream MOMMY! and rachel says "IM NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!" me and my friend joseph were rolling around in the theatre.

if you want a scary movie see Excorcist, but if you want to see the funniest movie in 2005! see The Ring Two.

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