Wednesday, June 08, 2005

whats been up

Well! last night we went to stubbs to see rainer maria open for copeland. we left after rainer maria. they played i think 6 songs and half were new ones. but the new ones were awesome. SO! im pretty excited about the new album coming out in the fall.

of montreal is aparantly playing friday at the parish. i havent listened to them enough to really want to go. that always happens, i start listening to a band and then they are in town 4 days later.

we are moving june 17th. to our own place, no more roommates. its going to be weird. and poor for the first few weeks because we wont be used to paying full rent and bills. back off of south first. hoo haa.

i had a dream last night about the wedding.

well i guess i should get ready for work.


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