Saturday, June 18, 2005

moving day

so the day started off with us being super tired and super cranky.
uhaul people are dumb. they measure the truck stupidly. the 14 footer is not 14 feet long.. its like 10 plus 4 of "moms attic" as they call it. AND they give us pieces of crap called trucks that break down after we load up the first load ..good thing we were already at the new apartment and it was unloaded.
but after all of that drama... we moved in and are EXHAUSTED.

we had the cable guy come friday so we were all set up with dvr and road runner. i didnt even have to go but a few hours without my many addictions.
we are very happy with the apartment. the room is huge. the living room is huge. the pantry is like a second bedroom. everything is good.

on a different note, i hate it when people say "muh-tour" instead of "muh-chure" for the word mature. sorry dr. huxtible said it on the cosby show.

alrighty. well we are tired and i have to work tomorrow.


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Kristy - atlkmo said...

ok, now I want to see pics of the new place. And I think it's universal...ALL uhauls suck!