Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i bought a charm bracelet today from james avery ive always wanted a charm bracelet. i also got a charm of an angel to symbolize my grandma juju.
im going to add my tricertops and dachshund charms soon too.
mmm charms.

here are some im going to be wanting sooon..


mp said...

wow. I was a little bored this evening so I decided to find people who are interested in Martha Stewart to spread the good news:

March 6! Out of jail! yay!

anyways, i noticed that you and really have a lot in common <- that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

first of all - i'm from texas too. but dallas.

but also other stuff... like knitting, sewing, and the shins and mates of state.

i just started blogging, my sister i decided it'd be fun. so i think i'll start reading yours :)

ok, maybe we'll talk later and you can be my blog friend.

mp said...

(oh, by the way, do you go to you mentioned looking a perfect ipod cozie and that would be a great a place to look.)

love that site.

ashley said...

YES! shes so out march 6. in the most recent issue of martha they actually talk about it. they havent talked about it ever! its crazy. apaparently shes out just in time to start her garden for spring. haha.. good old martha

cool dallas is cool.
we can definately become blog friends. ill even link you on my links.

i love craftster! i remember when the girl who runs it only had an online shop :)
i browsed for a little while a few weeks ago.. but i didnt see anything that was sparking my interest

anyhoo! keep in touch blogstyle.

mp said...

very excited about that... i think we're going to bake a cake :)

once we set up the page and add links, i'll add yours too and say:

"I fully approve!"

(and i shall try a macchiato w/hazelnut too... i noticed that you might be working there. i recommend it. i've worked there for almost five years. sometimes it sucks, but usually it's pretty fun)