Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the last few days

the sun finally came out today, the last few days its been rainy and cold. Appearantly West TX was supposed to get some snow, i'm unsure if that ever did happen though.

me and kelly went and bought some long overdue new sheets. they are awesome and soooo soft. scout seems to like them. we also got some new gray towels... wait.. pewter towels. we have always wanted to have an all grey/silver bathroom so we are going to get that started. he joined JCPENNY and got a card with them so we had like all sorts of discounts. 10% off + the sale that was going on for the towels and sheets. not bad not bad. total savings 132.00

work was boring, i got a free meal tho.

i frickin love girl scout cookies.

i cant wait for the 12th, mates of state AND i get to pick up my chocolate covered strawberries from amy's ice cream.

well i need to do a few things before it gets to late


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