Monday, February 07, 2005

the phone call

my mom called me this morning .
yea sure, i know that doesnt sound strange but she never calls unless its important..
and well i listened to the message because i was at work.
all she says is "call me" in a upset sounding voice..
i knew it was grandma juju.. shes been in the hospital since october.

i couldnt stand it so i called her while i was working..
she says that grandma juju is getting worse and that she will probably pass in the next few days.
and dad is already there in corpus christi
first instinct is i need to get to corpus to see her one last time..
so i planned on heading out tonight but.. i call dad after work and he says the she cant even talk and cant even comprehend what anyone tells her, that shes all doped up on pain killers so when she does pass she wont feel a thing. the doctors at the hospice were shocked that she even made it thru last night.

what sucks the most is that she's not old enough.. she was having problems with her colon..
and a surgery wont even help her at this point.
we just started talking more and mailing cards back and forth learning more and more about each other .. this was right before she started getting sick in october..
i cant help to think what my dad feels like.. loosing his mother..
she never got to have any great grandchildren..
let alone see me get married..
me and my brother were her only grandchildren

so in the next few days im going to have to take a trip to corpus christi for the funeral..


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