Friday, February 25, 2005

today was overall pretty average.. EXCEPT !!! the frickin' awesome fajitas i had today after work at La Feria. our waiter was this guy who looked like Eddie Izzard but talked with an incredibly hot accent. kinda south american kind of spaniard.

we had to trade scouts toy out with a new one because she was sucking on it too much. gross i know, but shes a weird cat what can i say, therefor at the moment shes banging against the bathtub trying to get a hold of her new mouse toy. this one is leopard print, so she must be having a frickin' blast.

OH yea! and i watched My Best Friends Wedding for the first time ever tonight. im a sap when it comes to Romantic Comedies.


mp said...

moi aussi... you've got mail is my favorite.

"bouquets of sharpened pencils"

oh my :)

ashley said...

it sure is cute!
it makes tom hanks look like such a softy!!