Monday, February 28, 2005

probably the most boring post in the world

today i went to the fitness center and did 2 miles on the bike and 1 mile running/walking and about 30 reps of the leg curl thing and 30 reps of the pull down the bar thing haha.. i have no clue what that certain weight lifting thing is. i had to urge to work out since i recieved my IPOD arm band thingie in the mail saturday, but i didnt check the mail until sunday. so there i was on the treadmill loosing blood in my right arm because i put the band on too tight .. haha .. i wish there was a camera following me all the time to witness the true brilliance that is ashley.

anyways! i had a salad for linner. because well it was too late to be lunch but too early for dinner and since my schedule doesnt allow me to have lunch i shall call it LINNER. so well you know how it feels after you work out, sweaty , sort of sea leg like and then it hits you. HUNGER. so i ate a banana

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