Wednesday, February 16, 2005

valentines day + more

valentines day was nice.
i got a rainer maria/mates of states poster from ebay.. a rainer maria record, and about 20 gerbera daisies :) orange and pink!! kelly made me dinner , it was going to be chicken parmesan but i forgot to take the chicken out so he made tacos instead.
the day after valentines day was nice too. i got to work and grenita wasnt there because she requested it off but not but a few minutes later the fedex girl was knocking and she had flowers FOR ME! grenita ordered them for me. it was awesome.
then me, kristen and her went and saw Hitch. which was cute and then ate at magnolia cafe.
all in all it was a good few days.
today i made dinner and watched some music videos.
i think we are going to go someplaces tonight tho, im not sure

lauren's passion party is tonight, but im not sure if i'll go.


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