Thursday, February 17, 2005

good old thursday

i freaking love vinny's, this little italian place off barton springs.. yummmm
me, joseph, kelly and grenita ate there today after work mmmm... im still full.

i watched galaxy quest for the first time tonight, haha, it was actually pretty funny.

we bought way too many DVDs yesterday.. like 100+ bucks worth. oops.

so me and kelly have decided , even tho financially it would be smart to live with a roommate one more year. we want to live on our own starting in June.
im sick of roommates and we have been together long enough to wear its ridiculous to have a roommate again.
we are thinking either Pinto Creek, Blunn Creek or Barton's lodge if the prices are good around the times we want.. they all have either washer/dryer connections or come with an actual washer/dryer. we neeeeed furniture. we dont have anything. nothing at all. we need a couch, some sort of chair , a coffee table, folding table and chairs for the dining table/ sewing table, LAMPS

okay so we are planning to be married in september of 2006 and i just want to say screw it and elope but then another part of me says .. nooo i shouldnt do that..


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