Tuesday, February 08, 2005

to top it all off

to top off a terrible day, scout decided to go on an adventure around 1 am..
joe was doing laundry and i guess left the door open as he did so and scout took off..
i didnt notice until 2 am that she wasnt around so i started looking around outside.. barefoot... in the cold.
we searched around the complex in areas we think she would go..
ask joe walked past the dumpster he saw her on the other side of the fence.. she must have gone underneath the fence..
we coaxed her back under the fence and then she started hiding under cars. kelly came around with her bucket of food and snatched her up
of course she screamed haha.. and her paws were all dirty.

i didnt freak out and i didnt cry.. kelly was proud of me..
it just wasnt what i needed..

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