Saturday, February 05, 2005

oh man...

so today we decided to retry our little adventure to san antonio since last week it got interrupted by a severe lane closure which left us in traffic for an hour and only 5 minutes out of austin...
this time the trip went pretty well and it only sprinkled for a little while
we could only find one out of the 3 record stores.
we went to hogwild and found absolutely nothing..

then after all of that we went to mandy's apartment and watched shaun of the dead and played with her doggie bowen.
as the hair stylist that she is she put highlights in my hair.. copper and blonde. they are different but i think i like them..

we stopped at a best buy and kelly got transformers the movie...

the new Real Simple is out.. i need to get a subcription already!!

well.. i need to make a grocery list for when we head out to the grocery store..


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