Monday, February 28, 2005

blood.. gore... and cupcakes

i am gimpy. i cut 3 of my fingers on my right hand. see what had happened was after the oscars i got excited because million dollar baby won best picture and started making cupcakes, i open up the container of frosting and i guess the foil was sharp because it cut my pointer, middle and ring fingers, kind of like a paper cut... it hurts so bad. my hands look like kevin spacey in se7en when he cut off his finger tips to hide his prints.

i love the way your teeth feel after a good brushing. mmm.. i should become a dentist.

bedtime for bonzo..


1 comment:

mp said...

I'm sorry... that's so sad :( (I hope at least your cupcakes were good)

yay for Million Dollar Baby and also for Jamie Foxx. his speech almost made me cry.