Thursday, February 03, 2005

ah it was all a dream

i had an insane dream last night about kelly.

so laura is an ex-roommate of ours that was doug's girlfriend at the time and well a looooong time ago kelly and laura went on a sort of a date.
so in my dream we went to kelly's parent's house, though, it wasnt kelly's parent's house it was one of my imagination. the walls were all black in kelly's room and it was raining.
he had 2 twin beds in the room and kelly was on one and me and laura were there too..
eventually in my dream laura and kelly ended up on the same bed and laura kept trying to get all grabby with kelly i saw her reach around his waist and stuff so i pulled her by her pants over to the other bed and called her a bitch i think and asked her what the fuck she was doing.. of course she didnt give a very good answer..

well i must get ready for work .. scout is acting crazy. silly girl.


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