Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's been either raining or drizzling outside since i woke up, gross.

me and joe cleaned the living room and kitchen, we still arent done yet but its looking an awful lot better.
the dishes were begining to get really bad.

last night, me and g went to eat at magnolia with kristen and her mom. it was awesome, we were going to play uno but we were talking too much :)
it was fun though. kristens mom is awesome.

im on a mission to find the perfect ipod cozie, but so far no luck. i guess i will have to make my own.
so far i like brown bear from Chuckels Central, the tropical robot at Catherine's Pita Shop, and either the steve zissou or birdy ones over at Charcoal Designs if only they werent for Mini's only.

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