Tuesday, July 26, 2005

okay so sadie is satan, i type that as she is stunnded by the cursor and kicks my phone off the desk.
i finished harry potter last thursday, can we say HOLY SHIT! im such a dork too i was explaining all about hogwarts and career choices after hogwarts to a fellow employee at work. it was great.
we should be packing for our weekend trip , but we are both playing. i am online and kelly is playing a video game.
this weekend is a big wedding filled few days. bridal shower is saturday. thursday me and kellys mom are doing invitation stuff along with a zillion other things. personalized napkins and a bunch of other stuff. addressing invites and everything. oh dear. oh wine picking out? who knows.. ill take alot of pictures tho. getting hitched is due for a huge update.
also thursday is an astros game. vs the mets. mandys husband james is going to meet us there along with mary katherine and martin going also. should be fun. BOO BELTRAN> we even bought shirts from this guy online. haha. we are nerds! ill definately take a few pictures there too. especially of me and kelly together.

im so glad i finally have money to pay for this weddding, i was panicking for a while there. i mean come on! two months til , less than two months now. i took off all of my wedding communities off of livejournal. seriously, i couldnt even hear the word wedding without breaking out into sweats and the leg-shakings.
okay sadie is blocking the screen so i guess shes trying to tell me to get stuff together

ill make a big post when we get back..

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